Sibling support

Looking after a child with complex needs can be a lot for each family member to handle. Children especially can find it traumatic when their brother or sister is unwell; they may feel lonely, scared, guilty, or ‘less important’ than their sibling.

We’re here to provide emotional support for brothers and sisters and simply some time to have fun. Often siblings have had to adjust to many things so this part of our service is incredibly important for them.

Our Sibling Team provides one-to-one and group support when a child needs, which can include visits to home and school. They can take part in the activities they want to and this can include:

  • Introducing coping mechanisms through play and activities
  • Talking through their emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • Working through books to help them understand what is happening
  • Creating keepsakes and memories for those whose brother or sister has passed away
  • Going on trips or activities which help them to be themselves and have fun
  • Meeting other children who understand their situation

Our sibling group meets monthly, and gives children the chance to enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences, such as arts and crafts, day trips, baking, special guest visits and residential trips.

For more information about this support, contact Amy Panton on 01909 517 360 or email

You can also download our Sibling Support Care Guides below for more information: