Our Caped Crusaders have all the superpowers needed to help make your fundraising a success. If you have any questions, you can send them a super secret message and they will be able to support you in your plans to save the day for our families.

The Mighty Manager

Our fearless leader and head of our superhero team. The Mighty Manager is full of ideas and will forever be fighting on the side of fundraising. If you need her help, email rachael.dawes@bluebellwood.org now.

The Marvellous Money Maker

Flying in to save the day, it’s the Marvellous Money Maker. If your Justice League is in trouble, she’ll be here to motivate you with all sorts of spectacular challenges. To call for her aid, email julie.hampson@bluebellwood.org now.

Captain Corporate

If you’re in a tight spot, Captain Corporate can help. He’ll use his superpowers for good and you’ll soon see your sponsorship totaliser fill up with donations. If you would like his support, email russ.hall@bluebellwood.org now.

The Caped Crusader

The Caped Crusader himself. He’s a daredevil who’s bursting with ways to inspire your superhero team to try new things. To light up the Bat-Signal, email david.hall@bluebellwood.org now.

If you’re part of a school or community group, don’t forget that you can also contact your courageous Community Fundraisers too. Email super sally.baker@bluebellwood.org with your questions.

Follow us

Once your mission has begun, we would love to hear about your exploits, so send us a tweet or post on Facebook and tell us all about your heroic efforts.


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