Bluebell Wood ceilings light up

Swirling galaxies and summer skies are now all part of the overhead experience for families at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, thanks to a £7,461 grant from Eaton Production.

The donation from the Worksop manufacturer has funded some stunning new illuminated ceiling tiles for the corridors at the North Anston hospice, including scenes of a multi-coloured galaxy and a blue sky featuring flowers, trees and balloons. The project was managed by Yesss Electrical and the tiles fitted by Hebron Services.

Julie Booth, Trust and Legacy Fundraiser, Bluebell Wood said: “We’ve often had feedback that our two downstairs corridors were a bit dark, so this is a beautiful way to bring in light and colour. We’d like to say a big thank you to Eaton Production for their grant which has helped us to transform our corridors and create some wonderful overhead visions for families and visitors.”

Natalia Bird, HR Manager, Eaton Production, said: “The ceiling tiles really brighten the hospice and lighten your mood when they shine down on you. We couldn’t imagine how good they would look until we saw them all lit up in the hospice.”

Chris Holmes, Rotherham Branch Manager, Yesss Electrical said: “Visiting Bluebell Wood is a real eye opener, as everyone is so welcoming and friendly. We think that the new ceiling lights help to make the indoor areas even more relaxed and colourful, and reflect everything that Bluebell Wood is about. We’d like to thank Hebron Services, who did a fantastic job installing the panels. This has been a very different project for all of us, and a really fun one to deliver.”

Families at Bluebell Wood have welcomed the new tiles. Denise Singh-Eyley, mum of Theo, said: “The tiles are so bright and colourful. Theo spends a lot of time lying in a bed at the hospice, so this means that he has something fun to look at. I really like the one of the universe in the children’s corridor.”

Sandra Ramsbottom, Isabella’s mum, said: “Izzy couldn’t stop looking at the tiles when she visited the hospice after they’d been put up. They’re so bright, and just something different. We love the one with the balloons on.”

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