Bluebell Wood nannan, Sally, joins Fundraising team

The nannan of a boy who made a miraculous recovery at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice has joined the South Yorkshire charity as one of its community fundraisers, for the Doncaster area.

Sally Baker, who lives in Dinnington, is nannan to Harrison. At just three-weeks-old, Harrison contracted meningitis and was rushed into hospital. He came to Bluebell Wood for end of life care, but against all expectations recovered and a few months later was discharged.

Sally said: “It’s a pleasure to join the fantastic fundraising team at Bluebell Wood, because I know first-hand the difference it makes to families facing the toughest of times. As a grandparent, staying at the hospice gave me the space and time to deal with the devastating thought I may lose a grandchild. My friends came to sit with me one night, something I couldn’t have done in hospital. I want to do all I can to help Bluebell Wood deliver its amazing support to children, young adults and families facing life-shortening and life-threatening conditions.”

Harrison is now an active, sociable little boy interested in cars, planes and all the things any toddler would love. He is affected by his experience in a few ways and wears a hearing aid, glasses and has cerebral palsy on one side. Sally said: “His development is slower but he is such a happy, lovely boy. He goes to a number of appointments each month but never complains. He just gets on with everything.”

Harrison’s mum Samantha and dad Adam also fundraise for Bluebell Wood on a regular basis and together with Sally have raised over £8000 to date.

If you would like to find out how you can start fundraising in the Doncaster area, please email Sally Baker at You can also give her a call on 01909 517 364.

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