Fab five get shop Christmas-ready in a day

An energetic team of volunteers has helped get a Bluebell Wood shop Christmas-ready in record time.HSBC staff get Bluebell Wood shop christmas-ready in record time

Bluebell Wood was able to sort and price nearly all the festive stock at its shop in King Street, Sheffield in just one day, rather than the two or three weeks it can take one person, thanks to the efficiency of five volunteers from HSBC in Sheffield.

With huge amounts of toys, books and gifts donated to the charity over the year, October normally sees staff at all nine of Bluebell Wood shops across South Yorkshire working hard to get seasonal stock ready for the Christmas rush. However this year most of the work in Sheffield was completed ahead of time by the fab five.

Sandra Hind, Bluebell Wood’s Corporate Volunteer Coordinator said: “The HSBC team were incredible. They turned up in the morning raring to go and although they were surprised at the sheer volume of items over three floors at our Sheffield shop, they soon got stuck in. They even found time to decorate a Christmas tree for our shop window, and bought some items.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our shops. We need all the hands we can get because so much goes on behind the scenes, from sorting out bags and arranging goods into piles to pricing everything up. People willing to lend us a hand will always be welcomed with open arms.

“The HSBC team put us well ahead of the game in our preparation for Christmas. We really enjoyed having their company for the day and we cannot thank them enough.”

Donna Rainey, HSBC, said: “We had a great day at the shop and I’m glad we were able to help. HSBC staff have regularly volunteered for Bluebell Wood for four years, but usually at their hospice in North Anston, where we’ve painted and gardened. Volunteering at a Bluebell Wood shop was a first for us but I’m sure many of us would love to do it again.”

Bluebell Wood shop volunteers are always needed. To help at one please contact Terry Lowell, Bluebell Wood’s Volunteer Coordinator, on 01909 508116 or email terry.lowell@bluebellwood.org.

Bluebell Wood shops are in Bakewell, Chapeltown, Chesterfield, Dinnington, Hellaby, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wombwell and Worksop.

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