Kyan’s seven tough mudders in memory of son Owyn

An inspirational dad is tackling seven gruelling Tough Mudders in memory of his young son Owyn, who passed away at just a few weeks old.

Owyn suffered from Meconium Aspiration Syndrome immediately after he was born, a condition brought about when meconium (a baby’s first poo) is inhaled. Both of Owyn’s little lungs were damaged and he was put on a ventilator.  After 15 tough days on the specialist equipment, Owyn and parentsOwyn began to deteriorate and the decision was made to turn off his machine. The next day, Owyn was moved to a quiet, private treatment room where he was able to have some time with his mummy, daddy and family. Here he had all the tubes taken off and Owyn passed away peacefully in the arms of mum and dad; Melissa and Kyan.

Melissa and Kyan then moved to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and had ten days with their baby boy in our Forget-Me-Not end of life suite. They were able to visit him as often as they liked in a lovely environment where he had his own room and moses basket.

Kyan said: “It was almost like we were able to experience what it would have been like to have taken him home. We were able to make precious memories which we can treasure forever.”

Both Melissa and Kyan think of Bluebell Wood as a very special place in their hearts, where they feel close to Owyn.

Kyan, 31, from Harthill, is travelling the length of the country in his challenge and will complete Tough Mudder challenges as far afield as Scotland and London; along with his brother Bryn, and friend Seth.

Kyan said: “The Tough Mudders are both mentally and physically challenging. I chose to do a Tough Mudder challenge because I can relate the mental and physical challenges to those Owyn experienced.  During his life, he had to be mentally and physically strong so many times. This challenge is a way I can feel close to Owyn and the struggles he faced, while raising money for Bluebell Wood, who helped us so much. Tough Mudders are about facing your fears and we had to do this every day with Owyn.”

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