Off the hook fundraising

Two marathon carp fishing events at Poolsbrook Country Park have reeled in an incredible £6,739 for our families.

Carp fishing marathon team membersA group of 20 fishing fans from Ireland Colliery Fishing Club have camped out for 48 hours each of the last two years to raise funds for Bluebell Wood.

The annual fishing marathon sees people fish for a whole weekend, with funds raised through raffles and sponsorship. Organisers are Nick Bristow and Andy Snell, who are both bailiffs at the Poolsbrook lakes.

Nick said: “We decided to make our 48-hour carp fishing event into a charity one in 2014, and then first chose to support Bluebell Wood in 2016. I’d been involved with Bluebell Wood when I worked night shifts at Tesco in Barlborough, which supported the hospice. It’s a fantastic charity that makes a real difference to families in this area.

Ian Osborne, Leslie Thompson (who won all three fishing competition categories. Ian and Leslie won the pairs trophy together); Joanne Barnett, Chair of Staveley Town Council and Councillor Helen Elliott.

Trophy winners Ian Osborne and Leslie Thompson with Joanne Barnett, Chair of Staveley Town Council, and Councillor Helen Elliott.

“The event starts on a Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon, with all of us camping out around the lake with tents, beds, heaters and stoves. It’s a social event but people get really into the competition element. There are prizes to be won for biggest combined weight between a fishing pair, an overall winner who has caught the biggest weight of fish on their own, and a biggest fish trophy.

“We raised £2,372 in 2016 and another £4,367 in 2017. Ireland Colliery Fishing Club are a real help because they give us free use of the lakes for the event, which means the cost of the entry fees can be donated to Bluebell Wood.”

Lucy Rathbone, Community Fundraiser for Bluebell Wood, said: “We’re hugely impressed at how the Club have turned their love of fishing into something that will benefit our families. Every pound raised will help Bluebell Wood support children and young adults, and their families, just when they need us most. I’d like to say a massive thank you to every single fisher for taking part and to everyone who has supported them.”

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