Perfect scores mean more for Bluebell Wood

Sheffield man Marc Leigh is all out to get some winning scores for Bluebell Wood. Marc Leigh

Amateur darts player Marc has been inspired to use his throwing skills to fundraise for the children’s hospice because of his family’s personal experience with the charity.

As a player in the Woodbourne Development League (WDL), Marc will be putting his love of the game to good use at the Woodbourne Hotel, Worthing Road by donating a pound or two in a Bluebell Wood collection bucket whenever he plays, wins or hits a range of scores.

Marc said: “One of my relatives has a child who is being cared for by Bluebell Wood, so I know what they do for children with life-threatening and life-shortening conditions. They are there for families dealing with really tough times, so I want to do my bit for them.

“Every Wednesday when I play darts, I will have a collection tin on the bar. As well as donating each time I play or win, I’ll be giving £2 for every 180 I hit, 50p for every checkout over 100, £1 if I check out in 9-12 darts, 50p if I check out in 13-17 darts and 25p if I check out in 18-21 darts.”

Marc is also planning to donate 25% of any prize money he wins and is hoping that other WDL players and pub regulars will put their some of their spare change in the Bluebell Wood collection tin on the bar.

Gail Parkin, Community Fundraiser, Bluebell Wood, said: “We really appreciate Marc thinking about us and coming up with such a fun way to mix his love of darts with fundraising for Bluebell Wood. Every penny counts, helping our families to make special memories, whether they have days, weeks or years left together.”

Anyone who would like to donate to Marc’s darts challenge can do this at


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