Santa meets Bluebell Wood children at Meadowhall’s Magical Kingdom

Some of the children supported by Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice got the chance to give their Christmas lists to Santa in person on Sunday, as they had a magical visit to the Meadowhall grotto.

robynSanta met twelve families including Adam Salt and his sister Isla, Mollie and Ben Futter, Dougie Atkinson, Robyn Muffet, Evie-Mae and Brandon O’Grady-Asquith, and Olivia Mayor.

Anna and Matt Muffet met Father Christmas with their daughter, Robyn. Anna and Matt came to Bluebell Wood in 2014, where their son, Ethan, sadly passed away at just a few days old, after being born with a heart defect.

Anna said, “We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to take Robyn for her first visit to see Santa at Meadowhall. As always, Bluebell Wood are supporting us and helping us to create new memories with our rainbow baby, and also helping us do things with Robyn that we weren’t able to do with Ethan.”

Isla Salt, aged 5, added, “I really enjoyed meeting Santa, and it was the best day ever!”

Bluebell Wood Children’s dougieHospice have been adopted by Meadowhall as its charity of the year for 2016 and 2017. So far, they have raised over £30,000 for the 250 children with life-shortening and life-threatening conditions who are supported by the hospice.

Darren Pearce, Meadowhall Centre Director, said, “As our chosen charity it was fantastic to see the children from Bluebell Wood at Meadowhall meeting Santa and enjoying such a magical time with us”.

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