Three random acts of kindness amaze Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood care team members Lee Bartrop and Charlotte FirthThe season of goodwill has arrived early at Bluebell Wood. Not one, not two, but three, random acts of kindness in just over a week have left staff amazed.

It all started with an anonymous cash donation of £1,000 posted through the Rotherham shop door one weekend. This unexpected gesture delighted staff but left them scratching their heads on who to thank.

A few days later, another £1,000 mystery cash gift arrived at the hospice in North Anston. Yet again there were no clues to the identity of the donor.

The same weekend, members of Bluebell Wood’s care team and three children they were taking out on a trip, experienced a random act of kindness. A couple at a nearby table paid for all six of their meals and then left before the group could thank them.

Charlotte Firth, Community Support Worker, Bluebell Wood, was one of the care team accompanying the children. She posted about the experience on Facebook.

In her post, Charlotte wrote: “Random acts of kindness really keep this world turning! Me and my two awesome Bluebell Wood colleagues took three of our superhero Bluebell Wood boys out to the cinema and then headed to Pizza Hut at Sheffield Centertainment. Here we received amazing service from management and staff, who went above and beyond to seat us with easy access around tables and making sure we had a great time.

“Throughout our meal there was the usual routine of laughter and out of the blue the waitress came to our table. She stated that the couple sat just behind us, who had left without saying anything, had paid for all six of our meals. We could not believe it!

Bluebell Wood care team members at Bluebell Wood“So, as we couldn’t say it face to face, here is a huge thank you to you both and the staff at Pizza Hut Sheffield Centertainment! Utterly wonderful people.”

Helen Mower, Head of Fundraising, Bluebell Wood: “All we can say is a big thank you to the people behind these random acts of kindness. These amazing anonymous gestures don’t happen every day but they are more than welcome. This really put a smile on all our faces and reminded us how many brilliant people there are out there. Whether it’s a cash gift or paying for a trip for our children and young adults, every donation makes all the difference.

“Every penny helps us do even more for children and young adults with life-shortening and life-threatening conditions.”

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