Callum’s story

This is the story of Callum a very cuddly and smiley little boy who sadly passed away at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice on 4 July 2012.  Mum Heather tells the story;

“Callum was born in 2005 with undiagnosed hypertonia, and as a result of this was oxygen dependent and suffered with lots of chest infections and pneumonias. Callum couldn’t feed himself, and sometimes he found it hard to breathe which meant he had to go into hospital quite a lot.

“We were told about Bluebell Wood by Dr. Mulenga, a consultant at Bassetlaw Hospital, and we started taking Callum there in December 2008 when he had just turned three years-old. He absolutely loved visiting and really enjoyed it when the care team would sing Baa Baa Black Sheep to him, he liked rough and tumble play, silly noises, and was always, always, smiling. Callum was such a gorgeous little boy and loved his cuddles which he always got plenty of at Bluebell Wood.

“During our stays there, Callum would have his own special room which had oxygen in for him and we would take lots of his things from home to make him really comfortable.

“He loved playing in the sensory room; going in the Jacuzzi (he loved the bubbles!) and bouncing on the trampoline. His little sister Libby also loved visiting Bluebell too and still attends the sibling groups there once a month where she can take part in lots of fun activities.

“The staff were amazing with Libby and always kept her really busy especially after Callum had passed away, they spent a lot of time with her doing all the things she loved.

“It gave me and my family something to look forward to and have a break. Callum loved it so much; he actually spent his 4th birthday at Bluebell Wood in 2009 and this was his first birthday not spent in hospital.

“After Callum passed away being able to stay with him meant so much to us and made what was obviously an extremely difficult and distressing for us time that bit easier.

“Being able to have Callum with us in Bluebell Wood’s ‘Forget me not’ end of life suite enabled us to stay together as a family, and our family and friends could visit us whenever they liked.

“We had a lot of help from Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and absolutely adore every single person there; the place is amazing and I don’t know what we’d have done without it.”