Ebony-Rose’s story

Beautiful Ebony-Rose spent her last days at Bluebell Wood after suffering complications from the day she was born. Ebony-Rose’s mum, Lena, tells her story.

“Ebony-Rose weighed just 1lb 5oz at birth and was immediately put on a ventilator to help her breathe. She was dependent on the ventilator for the first month of her life. From there, she went on CPAP, a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open.  All the staff at Jessops were truly amazing and supportive, going way beyond the usual level of care and support to help her, as were the consultants.

“A few weeks later, when she was comfortable on CPAP, she was transferred to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, were she continued to grow stronger in slow but perceptible ways. While there, Ebony-Rose was due to have a few tests, when we received the most unimaginable news. We were told that Ebony-Rose had severe complications and it was very unlikely that my little angel would survive until Christmas, maybe not even that long. Our nightmares had come true.

“After hearing this devastating news, Ebony-Rose was transferred to Bluebell Wood on 16th September. All the staff were very welcoming and came to see how their new addition was settling in.

“Once settled, we were finally able to do normal things with our children that we all take for granted, such as eating as a family. We could be Ebony-Rose’s parents for the first time, rather than just watching other people care for her. What we really wanted to do most of all was take her out for a walk in the garden – and, just one hour after arriving at Bluebell Wood, the nurses helped us to make this dream come true. We had an amazing walk around the garden with Ebony-Rose and, as she heard the sound of wind chimes, we saw her smile for the first time. Ebony-Rose continued to gain weight and loved every day she was there.

“On 24th September, her feeding tube began to block, adding to the complications. Unfortunately, later that day, after a lovely time at Bluebell Wood, Ebony-Rose passed away peacefully underneath the wind chimes. She was just four months old and weighed just 5lb 8oz.

“The staff at Bluebell Wood were so amazing, helping us come to terms with our grief, making priceless keepsakes and making us feel less in pain.

“As Ebony-Rose loved wind chimes and smiled every time she was outside, we have installed them at home at the front and back doors. They belong to Ebony-Rose. We have also put one in the spot where she passed away, a rose in her memory.

“When Ebony-Rose went to fly with the angels we stayed in Bluebell Wood’s Forget Me Not Suite, where we were able to hold her and sing her favourite music to her.

“The staff went above and beyond to help us come to terms with our loss, and they still do. They are nothing short of amazing. I am forever grateful to them for their ongoing support and for everything they did and still do for me and my family.”

Lena, Mick (Ebony-Rose’s dad), and her brothers and sisters stayed in the Forget Me Not Suite for several weeks afterwards. While there, they, and all their family, were able to come to Bluebell Wood to say their goodbyes in their own time in their own way.