Meet Aaron

Aaron was diagnosed at birth with an unbalanced chromosome translocation. This means he has a lot of health issues, both physical and mental, and needs 24 hour care. Aaron’s parents describe how Bluebell Wood helps their family.

“Aaron has a daily routine with lots of medication. He is fed through a tube and often is up in the night. He is a happy child, and is always smiling and laughing. He loves TV, especially Mickey Mouse and Disney. Aaron has his own way of communicating as he can’t talk, and he also loves to be out and about and interact with people. Due to his condition, Aaron is not always well, he gets a lot of chest infections and has a lot of sleepless nights. This can mean up to a few months where he doesn’t sleep at all.

Before Bluebell Wood was open, we used to have to rely on family members to help out with Aaron’s care, but as he got older, it was harder for family to help. When Bluebell Wood was first mentioned to us, we were unsure as we thought it would be like a hospital, and we didn’t want him going there.

Our first visit blew that all out of the window. It was so homely and comfortable, the total opposite of what we’d expected. We love Aaron to bits, but he needs 24 /7 constant care, and we couldn’t carry on like that indefinitely. Our stays at Bluebell Wood allow us to recharge our batteries, and help us carry on coping. The staff members there step in and take the pressure off us as a family. This helps our other son Matthew as well. He’s included in everything when we stay, and has so much fun. Being at the hospice takes the strain off having that set routine, we can relax and we can take Matthew out too, knowing Aaron is being looked after.

If it wasn’t for Bluebell Wood, I don’t know what we’d do.