Meet George

Eight year old George is a bubbly, happy child who loves to play and have fun. He is always full on and needs 100% attention, because of his disability he needs you to be his arms and legs so it’s extremely tiring looking after him.

George was diagnosed with Septo Optic Dysplasia when he was 12 weeks old which affects his mobility leaving him wheelchair dependant and with only good use in one arm. He is also severely visually impaired and suffers with epilepsy and a developmental delay.

George and his family (mum, dad, and big sister Megan) have visited Bluebell Wood two or three times a year over the last few years for some fun filled weekends. Mum Julie says: “George loves coming to Bluebell Wood, he plays all day and especially loves the whirlpool and the art room, the staff take good care of him and we can have a much needed rest.

Bluebell has been great and has even arranged some fab days out including a helicopter ride that George thought was amazing! George’s big sister Megan also attends a sibling group once a month that she loves and has met other kids that have a bluebell sibling and it’s really helped her to cope. Thank you Bluebell Wood!

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