Meet Harrison

Harrison didn’t have the start to life his parents Samantha and Adam had hoped for. At just three-weeks-old, he contracted meningitis and was rushed into hospital. Soon after, he came to Bluebell Wood for End of Life care…but made a miraculous recovery.

The tot’s life hung in the balance and after a very worrying few days, Samantha and Adam were told by doctors that nothing more could be done for him. It was at this point they decided to move to Bluebell Wood, to spend their final, precious days with Harrison together; surrounded by all of their family and friends.

Samantha said: “But then the most amazing thing happened; the nurse removed Harrison’s ventilator and he continued breathing. I can’t describe how incredible that moment was; it was the happiest of our lives.”

Fast forward a few months and Harrison was discharged from Bluebell Wood. Now, a few years later, he is an active, sociable little boy interested in cars, planes and all the things any other toddler would love.

Harrison is affected in a few ways; he wears a hearing aid, glasses and has cerebral palsy on one side. His nannan, Sally, said: “His development is slower but he is such a happy, lovely boy. He goes to a number of appointments each month but never complains – he just gets on with everything.”

Samantha and Sally, as well as Harrison’s dad Adam, all fundraise for Bluebell Wood on a regular basis because the family want to give something back for the care and support they received from the hospice. Overall, they have raised more £8,000 for Bluebell Wood.

Samantha said: “I find it strange thinking back to when Harrison was born now, it seems as though he was a different baby. We were told if he lived he’d never talk or walk. He does all of those things now and we are all so proud of him – he is such a fighter and has a fab character.

“Every year that passes we mark the date he was diagnosed with meningitis and celebrate the fact he is with us. Each year it gets easier but you never forget and we just couldn’t have done it without the support of Bluebell Wood.

“Staying at Bluebell Wood meant all our friends and family could be together through such a tough time. It was great knowing we didn’t have to worry about the extras like cooking and to be honest it felt so safe that I didn’t want to go back home at first.”

Sally added: “As a grandparent, staying at the hospice gave me the space and time to deal with facing devastating thought you may lose a grandchild. My friends came to sit with me one night, something I couldn’t have done in hospital. Bluebell Wood is invaluable to families.”

Samantha and Adam are expecting a baby girl very soon; a new addition to the family that Harrison is excited about.