Meet Theo

Theo was born at 29 weeks, and was diagnosed very early on with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and feeding problems among other complex medical needs. Since then he has also been registered blind.

“There are many words to describe Theo. Beautiful, special, cheeky but probably the most fitting word is a ‘fighter’,” explains Denise, Theo’s mum.

Theo has bravely endured 31 surgical procedures in his short life, and also survived viral and bacterial meningitis. He is fed directly into his bowel hourly and continuously through the night by a machine, so requires around the clock care.Theo and Mum and brother

“Theo never ceases to amaze me; he inspires me and is a really super son. Everyone who knows Theo will agree no matter how poorly he is, he never refuses to smile.” said Denise.

Theo and all of his family felt like they were part of Bluebell Wood from day one. They look forward to their stays for so many reasons, including a good night’s sleep. “My son, Luis, thinks he is going on his holidays and really enjoys all the special attention he receives from the staff,” said Denise.

Being able to talk to other parents who are going through similar situations really helps our families. They are all here for the same reason and they all have something different to offer each other.

“This not only means sharing advice, a shoulder to cry on but also the creation of lovely memories. We share a bond with the staff. That, to me, is unique.

“Bluebell Wood has taught me many things. I value every single minute we spend at the hospice. It has a very positive impact on me and my family. My final message is straight from the heart – thank you so much Bluebell Wood,” Denise added.

Theo was referred in 2009 and comes to Bluebell Wood for respite care, where he enjoys getting messy in the craft room with his brother, Luis.

“No-one likes to come to terms with the fact that their precious child may not live into adulthood. It is obviously a parent’s worst nightmare. I was apprehensive about what to expect at first. But all my doubts disappeared as Bluebell Wood not only care for all of Theo’s needs but also care very much about my family as a whole,” added Denise.