Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering is a fantastic and inclusive way to increase job satisfaction, improve corporate culture, team build. Volunteering means we can concentrate on creating really special, lasting memories for our children and providing our specialist support.

Employees make excellent ambassadors for businesses and their involvement in local volunteering creates positive working relationships with community members far and wide.Corporate volunteers 2The skills and expertise that our corporate partners share with us through volunteering opportunities are invaluable to us. We always have multiple volunteer projects available at the hospice and within our shops and warehouse. All of these projects provide employees with a chance to share and build upon their skill set away from their usual roles, while having fun collaborating with colleagues in a unique setting and making a vital contribution to Bluebell Wood.

To register your interest, please visit our volunteering page.

For advice and guidance in developing your volunteering strategy to include Bluebell Wood, please contact our Corporate Volunteer Co-ordinator, Sandra Hind, on 01909 508 106 or email sandra.hind@bluebellwood.org