Walk along one of the Seven Wonders of the World on the Great Wall of China Trek, an incredible experience that stays with you for a lifetime. This is an ideal challenge for those with a passion for history and a sense of adventure! It will give you the opportunity to unearth China’s hidden charms, traditions, mythology and astounding cultural past when you take on this beautiful route.

Constructed in the 5th Century BC, the Great Wall stretches 6000km in a dotted line across China. As it snakes across the mountains, it conjures up a sense of history which is difficult to grasp until you have the opportunity to experience it. The landscape varies as you pass through woodland and terraced farmland, and follow the contours of the beautiful hills and mountains in remote areas north of Beijing. You follow old sections of the Great Wall, as well as restored sections with smooth flagstones and lots of steps!

Two payment options are available to suit you and your budget:

  1. Option A - pay at registration fee of £349 and choose raise a minimum sponsorship of £2880.
  2. Option B - fund the entire challenge yourself (a registration fee of £349 plus £1440 self-funded), which means you do not have to commit to raising a set sponsorship. Although no fundraising is required, it would be amazing if you chose to raise money for local families.

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