Join our Colour Throw! 

Hold your own Colour Throw! Throughout the summer many of our supporters had an amazing time taking part in our Virtual Colour Throw in their gardens. Everyone had so much fun, that we've decided to extend the event to last all year round.

Whether you've got a birthday to celebrate, a baby shower or just want to do something fun at home then Colour Throw is for you!

Here are some great ideas for your Colour Throw 

  • Cover yourself from head to toe in orange or green (or both!) paint for some Halloween spooky fun! 
  • Having a daytime Firework Night celebration by making your own colourful explosions with our powered paint.  
  • Get some super fun and crazy Christmas pictures using our green and red powder paint – you could even create your own funny Christmas cards!

You can see our multi-coloured paint packs here!

*You will receive four pouches of paint when you sign up for one pack. 

You might not be able to see your friends and family as normal, but Colour Throw is a fantastic way to have some virtual or socially distanced fun!

Check out our downloadable resources for more activities, decorations and even a tasty cake recipe!



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