A volunteer with a lifelong passion for photography is helping showcase the wonderful donations that make Bluebell Wood’s shops a treasure trove for customers. 

Carole Adams snapped up the opportunity after seeing a post on Bluebell Wood’s Facebook page, appealing for volunteer photographers.

Since then the grandma-of-five has paid regular visits to our shops, capturing stock and seasonal displays for publicity purposes. 

Describing herself as an “enthusiastic amateur”, Carole didn’t hesitate when the opportunity arose.

“I was considering volunteering for another local charity at the time, but then I saw this opportunity and it was just perfect,” said Carole, from Mosborough.

“I’ve met some friendly, enthusiastic and fabulous volunteers and staff who’ve made me feel so welcome. They all care so much.

By taking the photos in the shops I’ve been able to supplement what they are already doing. And I have to say that not only has everyone been very welcoming, they’ve completely embraced what we’re trying to do.”

Carole, who is now retired, started out as a teacher and went on to jointly manage a nursery school, eventually becoming the Children’s Centre Coordinator for several Sure Start Centres in Sheffield.

“Throughout my career I’ve always been privileged to work with families who need a helping hand. And when I was Children’s Centre Coordinator, Bluebell Wood was always our chosen charity.

“So when I saw the post asking for a volunteer photographer on Facebook it seemed like fate, as well as being a fantastic opportunity to contribute to such a brilliant charity.”

Carole learned her craft using a 35MM analogue camera where each film would have to be sent off to be developed, long before cameraphones and selfies became omnipresent.

And while the technology has changed dramatically over the years, her passion for the perfect picture remains as strong as ever. 

Miriam Francos, Senior Communications Officer at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, said: “Carole has been an absolute pleasure to work with and it’s clear she has a real talent for photography.

“The wonderful images she has captured for Bluebell Wood showcase the work of our shops beautifully, and we’re very much looking to seeing more of her work.”