Darkside Developments Soapbox Derby

Darkside Developments

As a company we love a challenge. To take part in this fantastic event while supporting a local children's charity is a great privilege for us.

TQ Environmental's Disa goes abseiling for charity

Disa Shearer

I first heard about Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice when joined TQ Environmental in November 2018. As Bluebell Wood is TQ Environmental's chosen charity, I thought I would contribute and do my bit...

3Mile Sponsored Walk

Ruby Stuchfield

We feel that this charity has done lots to help many people.

Della’s running challenge 2019

Della Davies

I live very close to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice and run past at least once a week while training. I want to give something to the hospice and by using this running challenge I will indeed get fitter and support those children to have a better quality of life while in the care of Bluebell Wood.

Constant Security - Santa Car Wash

Sarah hill

Please show your support for the santa car wash that we are holding 23.11.18. The Bluebell Wood Hospice is a great cause.

Lucy's sponsored silence

Sarah Powell

I'm doing a sponsored silence to raise money for Bluebell Wood, for 48 hours. I've chosen Bluebell Wood because it's a lovely charity and the children can make beautiful memories with their family. There are lots of fun activities for them to do including soft play, crafts and arts. Please sponsor me if you can.
Lucy age 9.

Sarah’s 10k run for children

Sarah Riley

I think that this hospital needs money raised to help the children to make them comfortable to help families through hard times ..

Half marathon fundraiser

Millie Wood

I have chosen to do a half marathon and donate all the sponsor money to the Bluebell wood children’s Hospice. As I think it is a brilliant charity.

Amy & Jades Skydive

Jade Latham

Bluebell Wood is a charity close to our hearts as they took good care of a special friend, we want to continue their support for more children like Emily.

Amy & Jade's skydive

Jade Latham

Bluebell wood is a chairy close to our hearts, we want to repay them back for taking good care of a special friend and we want to help them to continue doing so.

Davids National 3 peak challenge

David Bradley

I am fundraising for Bluebell Wood to give a little something back for the amazing work they do to help the children and there families make precious memories togeather.

Bungee Jump

Annie Green

We are fundraising to raise awareness and to support a charity close to our hearts