Brenda has been volunteering in our Chapeltown Shop since it opened in 2014. She’s been involved in helping out in all sorts of ways.

She says, “I wanted to put my spare time to good use and I’ve always been happy to help out, so I’m really glad I can support the Chapeltown Shop. I check the jewellery that comes into the shop and sort through the toys too. I also steam and hang the clothes for display.”

When Brenda isn’t volunteering, she keeps herself busy in lots of creative ways, such as gardening, knitting and making crafts.

“When you hear about the great work that Bluebell Wood has been doing, it feels fantastic to know that you have contributed. I’ve also made some really good friends here.

“The best thing about volunteering for Bluebell Wood is knowing that my time and effort is going to help families going through the toughest times imaginable.”

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