Please take a moment to read our FAQs and paint safety guide before you join our Virtual Colour Throw. 

We are giving you this advice, information and guidance to keep you, your pets and your property safe. By making a donation and joining our Colour Throw, you understand that Bluebell Wood can accept no liability for any damage caused by the powder paint.

Click here to download a PDF version of our paint safety guide.

Colour Throw FAQs 

Q: When should I hold my Colour Throw?

We're holding our Colour Throw at noon on Sunday 13th September, which is when we would have been dashing around Thoresby Park covered in every colour of the rainbow. Don’t worry if you can’t join us on this date; you can choose to hold your Colour Throw on any day that suits you.

Q: How much does it cost to take part?

We're not asking for an entry fee, as we know that although the Colour Throw will be fun and different, it's not quite the same as taking part in an event alongside thousands of others. Instead, we're asking for a suggested donation of £20 per household, to cover the cost of sending you our Colour Throw events pack and a contribution towards the running costs of the hospice.

Q: How can I make my Colour Throw experience ever better? 

As well as our events pack, why not take a look at our Colour Throw merchandise, to really make your paint party POP! After you’ve made your donation, you’ll receive a thank you email with a link to buy extra sachets of paint, as well as other colourful merchandise to make the most of your colour throw street party.

Q: How can I take part responsibly and safely?

We'd advise you to stay aware of the current lockdown rules and social distancing government measures at the time of your Colour Throw, whether this is on Sunday 13th September or on an alternative date.

Whilst we encourage you to get your neighbours involved in a mass Colour Throw and street party, please maintain social distancing if there are people who don't live in your household nearby or are not in your 'bubble'. Make sure you have enough space to throw the colour responsibly, and maintain a distance of 2 metres from your neighbours during the festivities.

Q: How can I connect with other people taking part who don't live near me?

Our Colour Throw is all about bringing people together for some multi-coloured fun, even if that's from afar. We recommend setting a date with your friends and extended family (or taking part together on Sunday 13th September) so you can all join in at the same time and see who's the best and brightest out of your bunch of friends.

We've also created a Spotify playlist, so you can all listen to the same soundtrack, and you could even set up a video call in your garden or outside your front door so that you can watch each other get covered in colour after counting down 3, 2, 1...!

A guide to using our paint safely

The paint we are sending you is defined as: Super Smooth & Silky / Non-Toxic Certified / Non-Irritant to Skin Certified Conforms to EN-71-3 Standards.

Q: How should I keep safe while using the powdered paint?

  • If you plan on throwing LOTS of paint at once, we advise those taking part to wear glasses or goggles to keep the paint out of your eyes. We have some funky sunglasses you can buy to help with this!

    The paint powder is not toxic, but we advise keeping it away from your eyes. If paint powder gets into your eyes, we advise you to flush your eyes with water.

  • Don’t aim for people’s faces when throwing the paint! If you want paint on your face, we recommend you dip a finger into the powder and wipe it across your cheeks. You can also use face-paint to make for an even more colourful look.

  • All ingredients used in our powdered paint are permitted in food and cosmetic industry. If the paint gets in your drink accidentally you are still safe to drink it. However, we recommend getting a fresh one - it will taste better!

  • Breathing paint powder for a short period of time should not cause you any problems, however breathing dust in general frequently or for a long period of time is not healthy. We would strongly advise asthma sufferers take extra care if joining in our Colour Throw.

  • If you have a cornstarch allergy, you should avoid contact with this product.

Q: Where should I throw the paint?

The paint powder should wash away with water, but we cannot guarantee this will be the case on every surface in your home, so ideally we advise you use the paint on grass - if using on hard surfaces like patios or pavement, this will brush away but could leave a residue that will fade over time. Do not use the paint inside your home.

As we cannot guarantee the paint will completely wash away, we would ask that you do not use the paint in public places/land that does not belong to you.

To get the perfect dispersion of powdered paint, why not purchase one of our squeezy bottles? These bottles help you get that fantastic cloud of colour which look great on photos, plus they are great for dividing the paint pouches between a few people, especially if they want the same colour!

Q: What should I wear during my Colour Throw?

We recommend wearing old, white clothes for your Colour Throw. White really shows up the rainbow of colours and will look the best for your photos.

We cannot guarantee that ALL paint residue will wash out of clothing so please bare this in mind and wear either old clothes or items you have purchased specifically for your Colour Throw.

We also cannot guarantee that paint will wash out of hair on the first wash – please bare this in mind when throwing the paint.

We advise that you remove your Colour Throw clothes before entering the house to avoid carrying the remnants of paint though your home.

Q: Is the paint safe for pets?

While this paint is non-toxic, we would recommend you keep pets away from the powder paint. We know how cheeky some pets can be, and eating a lot of the paint will not be pleasant for them! We also don’t want your pets to get covered in the colour which they could then carry back into your home.

For similar reasons, please supervise young children at all times during your Colour Throw. We recommend this event for children 5 years old and over. Please keep the paint away from direct contact with babies and younger children during the throw.

We have given you this advice, information and guidance to keep you, your pets and your property safe – therefore by making a donation and joining our Colour Throw, you understand that Bluebell Wood can accept no liability for any damage caused by the powder paint.

Click here to download a PDF version of our paint safety guide

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