We all need to add a little colour and positivity to our lives right now. That's why we've created these resources to help you have the brightest, boldest and most exciting Colour Throw ever!

Make your day a real celebration by printing out our multi-coloured bunting and posters, baking a rainbow cake, or singing along to our Spotify playlist, and get your family, friends and wider community involved.

Printable posters

Stick this poster on your windows or front door at home to let everyone know that you're taking part in our Colour Throw. We've included a poster with a blank date too, in case you want to hold your Colour Throw on a different day.

Colour Throw poster       Colour Throw poster - blank date

Printable bunting

If posters just aren't enough for your household, set the scene for your Colour Throw by covering your front garden and windows with this downloadable bunting.

A4 printable Colour Throw bunting

Colouring sheets

These downloadable colouring sheets are sure to keep your little ones entertained during your Colour Throw. We'd love to see their final creations, so please share them with us on social media using the hashtag #ColourThrow. 

Rainbow colouring sheet       'Draw yourself' colouring sheet

Rainbow cake recipe

At your socially-distanced street party, why not go a step further and don't just look like a rainbow - bake one too! Here's one of our favourite rainbow cake recipes for you to try at home. Click the image below to download the recipe!

Social media images

Joined our Colour Throw? Don't forget to shout about it on social media! Click the images below for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to open them at full-size and then right-click and 'save as' to download them to your PC or mobile. Make sure to tag us in your post and use the hashtag #ColourThrow! You can find us at 'Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice' on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @BluebellWoodCH on Twitter and Instagram.

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