When you donate your pre-loved items to our shops, you are supporting local children and their families in a very real way.

Bringing a bag to one of our shops is worth £15 on average, which could pay for a child’s play session. Just think of how many smiles your donation could create.

How can I donate?

There’s lots of ways to donate and you can choose whichever one is best for you. Your donations can be dropped off at any one of our nine shops or in the Donation Station at Bluebell Wood in North Anston. If you have eight bags or more to donate, then our van drivers can come and collect from your house.

Donating furniture 

If you would like to donate furniture, please ring our Hellaby shop directly on 01709 530055.

We can accept 

  • Furniture – which must have fire labels attached if it's upholstered
  • Large and small electrical appliances that are less than five years old
  • Divan bases including fire label with original mattress (in pristine condition)
  • Homewares

We can't accept

There are some things we can’t accept for safety or legal reasons. If you’re not sure if we can accept your donations, please call our Hellaby shop where our staff can advise you. We can't accept:

  • Furniture and Houseware - upholstered furniture without a fire label including all items donated as sets, pillows and duvets unless brand new and carpets.

Bag it for Bluebell days are also a great way to have a clear out. You can hold one of these between your friends and family or at your work. We’ll give you collection bags to host your day, at a time that suits you best.

Your pledge is then to ask friends, family, colleagues – whoever may want to raise cash through donating items –  to return bags during your Bag It for Bluebell day. Once you’ve gathered them all together, our van drivers will then be able to come and collect them from you.

We hold our own Bag it for Bluebell days too, where you can drop off items. They are held monthly at Brinsworth Top Car Park and Lakeside Village in Doncaster.

Brinsworth Dates (10am-2pm) 2020 Lakeside Dates (10am-2pm) 2020
Monday 27th January
Monday 24th February Saturday 29th February
Monday 30th March Saturday 28th March
Monday 27th April Saturday 25th April
Monday 18th May Saturday 30th May
Monday 29th June Saturday 27th June
Monday 27th July Saturday 25th July
Monday 24th August Saturday 29th August
Monday 28th September Saturday 26th September
Monday 26th October Saturday 31st October
Monday 30th November Saturday 28th November
Monday 21st December

If you would like to arrange a collection or a Bag it for Bluebell day, then call us on 01909 517 360.

Can I use Gift Aid?

Yes, you can! In fact, it’s a simple way to make your donation go further. If you sign up to Gift Aid, then for every pound raised from your donation we can receive an extra 25p from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). When you drop off your items or when they’re collected you’ll be asked if you would like to sign up to Gift Aid. But if you would rather not wait, you can sign up here and bring your form with you when you donate your first bag.

Sign up to Gift Aid your donated goods