We are so grateful when people think of us at Easter and decide to donate so many delicious eggs, however, many children at Bluebell Wood can't eat chocolate because of their dietary needs. This year, rather than giving us Easter eggs, we're asking you to give local families an egg-stra special gift, by making a donation to the hospice. Your support means families can create special memories together this Easter, whether they create some fun Easter crafts, bake delicious hot cross buns, or just relax together knowing their child is in safe hands.

Don't worry - we already have enough eggs for families to enjoy, so no one at the hospice will miss out if they do eat chocolate. If we get more than we can use on Easter Sunday (21st April), we will sell those egg-stra eggs to staff and volunteers, and use the profits to help support families in other ways.

To discover how you, your workplace, or your child's school, can get involved this Easter why not download one of Easter fundraising guides? You can also give us a call on 01909 517 365 for more support. 

Easter fundraising at work          Easter fundraising at school          Easter fundraising with friends

Here’s Daniel’s mum and dad, Warren and Jodie, to tell you how making a donation helps their family have fun this Easter, without the chocolate! Daniel doesn't have any gag or swallow so he can't eat foods orally and is fed through a peg with a feeding pump. That means, like many children at Bluebell Wood, Daniel can't enjoy Easter eggs, but your support really will make all the difference.

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