Families who visit Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice have lent their creative talents by naming the charity’s latest additions to its popular online shop.

The hospice has added two beautiful rag dolls to its growing range of products to help raise funds to  support local children and families. To give the dolls a special connection to Bluebell Wood, the charity turned to the children and families to name the two dolls, with the names Hope and Belle clear favourites.

Sienna Roberts, who has a life-shortening condition and loves visiting Bluebell Wood with her  sister Cordelia and their family, adores her blonde-haired doll called Hope.

Mum Sara said: “Bluebell Wood isn’t just brilliant fun for the girls – it’s fantastic for me too.

“At home, I often don’t get more than three hours sleep, and don’t eat until after 10pm. Just to have a hot meal made for me, a bath and a cup of tea means so much.

“To have someone take over Sienna’s medicine and care, just for a while, is so nice.

"It really is the difference between keeping my sanity and not. It’s like home from home but better.”

She said their choice for the rag doll’s name was an easy and timely one.

“We thought the name Hope was very appropriate right now with the hope we all have of better things to come,” Sara added.

“We’re proud to think that people who buy the doll we helped name will not only have a lovely new companion, but will be helping to raise funds for the place that means so much to us.”

The second winning name came from the Crossland family, whose boys Matthew, 18, and Daniel, 10, visit Bluebell Wood for support with conditions that mean they need 24/ 7 care.

Daniel, who’s currently in hospital awaiting an operation, is delighted with his new ragdoll, Belle.

 You can get your very own Hope and Belle dolls here

As well as the special ragdolls, Bluebell Wood’s online shop has a range of wonderful gift ideas. 

Every purchase helps the charity to be there for families like Sienna’s and Daniel and Matthew’s.