In Amanda’s 11 years at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, no two days have been the same.

As a Bereavement Support Worker her role is a dual one, so each day she could be doing anything from having fun with children visiting for respite care to supporting families through the devastation of losing a child.

“People hear the word hospice and they think it is a clinical, sad place,” said Amanda.

“In reality it’s quite the opposite. We are bright, we are cheerful and we are very friendly. We love to have fun at Bluebell Wood.

“I love knowing that I have helped a child and helped fulfil their wishes – even if it’s meant I’ve ended up covered from head to toe in paint! I can honestly say that I love my job.”

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As well as helping children and families make precious memories, Amanda’s dual role means she is there for them whatever the future holds.

“A lot of people may think ‘gosh, working in a children’s hospice must be so sad’.

“While it does have elements of sadness at times, it’s incredibly fulfilling knowing that you are supporting a family during the worst time of their life.

“One of my fondest memories, that always sticks in my mind, is the time we helped a newborn baby boy and his family fulfil a wish they had.

“The family knew they didn’t have long left with their baby boy and I remember the dad saying to me: ‘all children should be able to feel sand between their toes and the sea splashing against their feet’.

“He was too poorly to go to the seaside, so we made a beach here at the hospice instead! We fulfilled the families wish and the baby boy was able to able to feel sand between his toes and have sea on his feet.

“Memories like this mean so much, especially to parents and carers. It’s all about making precious memories for families to look back on.”