Meet Jane

Meet Jane, one of Bluebell Wood’s fantastic physiotherapists.

Jane joined the Bluebell Wood team in 2018 after a 34-year career in the NHS and working with disabled children through charity projects in India.

Jane’s passion is hydrotherapy, where she spends a lot of time supporting children and young people at Bluebell Wood. She also loves to organise the hospice’s youth group, where young people can get involved with crafts, basketball, gardening and much more.

Jane said: “My favourite moments at Bluebell Wood have been in the hydrotherapy pool.

“It’s fantastic to see the smiles on the children and young people’s faces and their families’ reactions when they see their children enjoying the sessions.”

When she’s not at Bluebell Wood, Jane loves to garden, walking her dog, reading and knitting – during the COVID pandemic she knitted jumpers for stranded penguins who had lost their feathers!

Fiona Price

Fiona joined Bluebell Wood in March 2022 after a long career in the NHS and has more than 25 years of experience working with children. She’s also worked with premature babies and children under five.

Fiona has also spent time volunteering with Cerebral Palsy Africa, teaching therapists and support workers how to care for children with Cerebral Palsy.

She said that her favourite moments at Bluebell Wood so far have been “fun sessions in the spa pool, playing wheelchair football and basketball in the lounge and seeing young people achieve their goals.”

In her spare time, Fiona plays the French Horn in an orchestra and has even performed at Sheffield City Hall!