Meet Tahir, Bluebell Wood’s gardener. Get to know him and find out how he ended up working for his local children’s hospice.

Tahir’s interest in gardening began when he worked as a graphic designer in marketing and he spotted a charity looking for gardeners.

Having plucked and pruned his own jungle-like garden into submission, he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and landscaped a steep garden from top to bottom for the charity.

He enjoyed gardening and the feeling of helping so much that he continued to juggle his volunteer gardening role and graphic design career for four more years.

After being made redundant in 2011, Tahir grabbed the opportunity to become a self-employed gardener – and he never looked back!

Tahir said: “I always had an interest in Bluebell Wood and thought it looked a great place. I’ve watched the hospice grow and when the right job came up, I was eager to get it.

“When I got the role I was really excited – it was one of the best pieces of new I’d ever had!”

He added that a perk of his job is working with Bluebell Wood’s wonderful garden volunteers, both those from the community and those volunteering through their workplace.

“The volunteers have a lot of knowledge about plants. They are invaluable and I think it’s great they are getting involved," he said.

“I love working with the facilities team; they’re a really fun bunch of people and I have lots to learn from them.”

Aside from gardening, Tahir is an animal lover, keen walker, photographer and Formula One fan.

We’re absolutely delighted to have Tahir on board and can’t wait to introduce him to more of our brilliant volunteers!