Working at Bluebell Wood gives Team Leader Sinead the chance to deliver the care “she’s always dreamed of”.

Sinead Plangaj starting out as a nurse before progressing to a Team Leader role within the charity's care team. Coming from an NHS background, she says her new role is worlds apart.

“In many other healthcare settings, the focus is typically on treating a singular symptom, injury, or illness,” said Sinead.

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“Working in a children’s hospice, the focus is on caring for the child or young person as a whole and improving their quality of life.

“What I like most are the real connections with families and the moments when you feel you have really reached someone and met their needs, whatever they may be.

“I know I make a difference every day -  I have a purpose. If I can make a small difference, make their  day better in the smallest way, then that’s enough for me.

“Working at Bluebell Wood allows me to do that, while giving me the opportunity to deliver the nursing and care I always dreamed of.”

Sinead says that helping families create beautiful memories in the time they have together is a genuine privilege.

“The children and young people we care for are not expected to live until adulthood and, of course, that’s very hard,” said Sinead.

“But they come to Bluebell Wood to interact and experience life, and we see so many wonderful, beautiful memories formed.

“We’re able to help families make the most of the time they have together, and be there when the time comes to ease the pain.

“Being with the families through the final stages of a child’s life can also be extremely rewarding. We’re a part of one of the most private times in their life and it really is an honour to be part of that.

“What greater gift is there than helping someone approach their final days in comfort and with peace and dignity?”

Sinead says the team all work very hard to help make Bluebell Wood a special place.

“The staff at Bluebell Wood are truly amazing and there is a feeling that everyone cares about the service we provide,” added Sinead.

“It really is one of the most friendly, supportive and welcoming teams who care as much for each other as they do for the children, young people and families we care for.”