It’s that time again. You and your company have just celebrated raising an incredible sum and now you're looking for another worthy cause to support for next year.

Together, we can help each other. Choosing Bluebell Wood as your Charity of the Year is a fantastic way to motivate and unite your whole team.

Who we are

By choosing us as your Charity of the Year, you're helping to care for children and young adults who are going through very tough times, both in their own homes and at our hospice in North Anston.

We believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together.

How we can help you

We can support you by helping to increase your business profile and by making sure you reach your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. We’re also here to shout about your wonderful achievements in the press and on our social media channels.

If you want to help children who unfortunately just don’t live long enough, then we would love to hear from you. So get in touch below and let’s team up.

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“We usually choose a new charity partner each year but the support from Bluebell Wood’s people has been so good we’re going to work with them for another. Their fundraising team is really enthusiastic and they’ve made it really easy for all our people to get involved in everything, from volunteering to events.
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