Shop Manager (Chapeltown)

To manage the day to day running of the store, manage colleagues and volunteers in the efficient and effective manner. Excellent customer service, profit maximisation, teamwork and health and safety. Read more

Retail & Online Administration Coordinator

A business-critical position at the heart of the retail operation. This role is the key intermediary in all retail projects, tasks, and activities. To manage all administration operations and ensure the smooth running of the retail operation in line with policies and procedures. Read more

Retail Assistant (Chapeltown)

To support the manager, colleagues and volunteers in the efficient and effective running of the shop in a framework of excellent customer service, profit maximisation, teamwork and health and safety. Read more

Colour Throw resources

We want to help you make your Colour Throw a real celebration. Here are some resources to help you have a fantastic day, while supporting Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice! Read more

Our FAQ and Paint Safety Guide

Our FAQs and paint safety guidance for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice's Colour Throw! Read more

Thank you for arranging a collection!

Thank you so much for arranging a collection of your pre-loved items! Your donation will make a huge difference to the families we support. Read more

Sign up to Gift Aid!

Sign up to gift aid your future donations (and donations you make in the last four years) and support children like Ella! Read more

Pick up my stuff

We're now able to safely collect donated items from your home. We'll sort through your items and deliver them to our charity shops once they re-open. Thank you for clearing out for Bluebell Wood and supporting the children and families who need us. Read more

Craft pledges

Get knitting, making and crafting however you can to join in with the #LetsPledge campaign and support Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. Read more

#LetsPledge resources

If you'd like to get involved with #LetsPledge now, here are some resources to help get you started from home. Read more

A pledge from our Head of Fundraising

#LetsPledge is not a one way street. Here's a statement from our Head of Fundraising, Sam Wood, about what she and her team will be pledging back to the community. Read more


In times of uncertainty, it's more important than ever that we come together to make our community a positive place. Get involved with the #LetsPledge campaign to do just that. Read more

Shopping pledges

Join in the Bluebell Wood #LetsPledge campaign to support our shops and eBay page when they re-open. Read more

School pledges

Support our #LetsPledge campaign by pledging to support Bluebell Wood once schools and nurseries re-open. Whether you take part in our Elf Dash or hold a bake sale, there are many ways to support us in the future. Read more

Individual pledges

It’s sometimes said that one person can’t make a difference – but we beg to differ. Join our #LetsPledge campaign and make a difference to those who are most vulnerable in your community right now, and support Bluebell Wood in the future when the time is right. Read more

Volunteering pledges

Are you a volunteer? Join in with Bluebell Wood's #LetsPledge campaign and help those in your community right now, and pledge to support the hospice again once social distancing measures are relaxed. Read more

Work pledges

Join in with Bluebell Wood's #LetsPledge campaign to support the hospice in the future through fundraising at work. Read more

Community pledges

Join in with our #LetsPledge campaign to support your community during this difficult time, and help Bluebell Wood when the time is right. Read more

Plant a flower for someone special

Plant a flower and write a message in our virtual meadow to remember someone special. Read more

Donating goods

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In light of advice issued by the UK government in relation to COVID-19, 'Bag it for Bluebell' days - where you can bring in donations for us to sell in our charity shops - are suspended until further notice. Read more