Jack first came to Bluebell Wood in 2006. The youngster has an undiagnosed neurological disorder, and suffers frequent pneumonia and chest infections among other complex medical needs.

“When Jack was born he was admitted straight onto the special care baby unit. He was there for almost ten weeks. During that time Jack repeatedly stopped breathing and had to go on and off ventilators,” said his mum Vicky.

“His first couple of years were very hard with lots of hospital admissions, trauma, uncertainty and worry.”

Jack cannot eat or drink through his mouth and has a tracheostomy. This makes the risk of choking very high, which requires around the clock specialist care. Despite Jack’s medical needs, he is such a happy little boy. He loves bubbles, Mr Tumble, colours, sensory, soft play, aquariums, scouts and school.

When Jack suffered his first cardiac arrest he was transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital and was in there for most of the first year of his life. He finally made it home, with the help of Bluebell Wood, just before his first birthday.

“It took a while to be able to use the hospice itself as the thought of Jack needing it caused a lot of anxiety to the family, however when we first walked through the doors after it was built, they were incredibly welcoming and always have been since,” explained Vicky.

“Anything at all you need or want, they will strive to get you and they are always there. They reassure you of any worries and you get an overwhelming feeling of safeness knowing your child is in their hands.

“Bluebell Wood supports me through very hard times and brings so much joy and strength to me, Jack and my family. They continue to support us on our journey and without them life would be even harder.

“Nobody ever thinks they are going to have a child with complex needs. Being told that your child has a life limiting condition and that one of these illnesses could take him away is soul destroying. I am extremely lucky as I still have my boy. Bluebell Wood gave me and my family strength so Jack can enjoy his life to the very max, which he certainly does.

“He loves life and brings so much joy to everyone he comes in contact with, he is a complete inspiration. I am so utterly proud of my boy.”


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