Chesterfield couple Irene and Colin Berry have celebrated their 80th birthdays by asking friends and family to give to a cause close to both of their hearts. 

Rather than get birthday presents at their joint party, the two asked everyone to make a donation to Bluebell Wood instead, which raised £500. 

Irene said: “We realised that we have everything we could possibly want, and it would make us much happier if people donated money instead to Bluebell Wood. This charity does wonderful work with families across our area and we know any gifts of money will be valued here. 

“We’ve supported Bluebell Wood every year by making donations at Christmas and it’s made us both happy to be able to celebrate our birthdays this year by doing this.” 

Lucy Rathbone, Bluebell Wood’s Community Fundraiser for Chesterfield and North Derbyshire, said: “Irene and Colin's support is fantastic and will help make a real difference to families across our area facing the toughest of times. It is such a lovely thing that they have done and I hope they had a brilliant celebration. We can't thank them enough for their support.”