From booking our families in for respite in our Admin team, to sharing inspirational stories in our Communications team, our support teams keep our hospice running smoothly and allow us to provide vital care to families.

Meet our Communications team:

Our Communications Team are here to share our stories with the world, either in the press, or on social media. In this team we have people finding the best deals on IT and Data services, people working with the press, planning and actively posting on our many social media platforms, or even creating artwork for events.

If you'd like to speak to someone in this team, please call 01909 508 100.

Meet our Facilities team:

Our facilities team help to keep our hospice looking spick and span. From cleaning our families' bedrooms, to cooking delicious homemade meals, they make the hospice feel like a home from home.

Meet our Finance team:

Meet our HR and Volunteering team:

Our HR and Volunteering teams work closely to make sure that we have the very best people working at Bluebell Wood. They help to train and write policies for both staff and volunteers, as well as having an overall insight in our staff and volunteer roles.

Meet our IT team: