Thank you so much for entering our 2019 Seasonal Superdraw!

Because of thoughtful people like you all those £1 tickets soon add up, making a real difference to our children and families.

 In fact, you're already helping create special moments for families here at Bluebell Wood:

  • Your support means children can bake delicious gingerbread and mince pies with our care team, while they're parents have a much needed break
  • It means our community team can take a child ice-skating for the very first time in their wheelchair
  • And it means mums, dads and carers always have someone they can turn to when they're going through difficult times.

Again, thank you so much for all you do for the families we support. You've helped make such a difference this Christmas; we'd like to wish you the very best for 2020 too.

Our Seasonal Superdraw will be drawn on Tuesday 17th December. If you have any questions about your tickets please contact Kelly Gerrard on 01909 517 365 or send her an email.