If it wasn’t for our wonderful volunteers, our life-changing work simply wouldn’t be possible.  

To keep people safe, we’re unable to accept the help of many of our volunteers at present, and we'd like to thank them for all their kind and selfless offers. 

But there will come a time when we will need volunteers more than ever – and we’d love to see some new faces pledge to join our amazing community.

Make a pledge now:

  • If you want to help out right now, why not check in on your neighbours and other people in your community who might need a little extra help? Looking out for vulnerable people in our community is one of the best ways to lessen the strain on our NHS, and other vital services.
  • Speak to your friends and family about Bluebell Wood and the life-changing care we offer. You never know, they might decide to volunteer too!

Pledge to support us in the future:

  • When we can safely accept the help of our volunteers again, we would be grateful for the support of generous people like you across our services. After our shops re-open we’ll rely on volunteers to help us sort through the donations that supporters have collected over the months, and get them ready to sell.

For more ideas and how to get involved, read our #LetsPledge volunteering pack.

Have you decided on your pledge? Please click the button below to let us know how you would like to support us in the future. We'd love to know what you're doing so we can stay in touch with you and support you at a time that suits you.

Once you've pledged, add our #LetsPledge Facebook Frame to your Facebook profile picture so that your friends and family know that you're planning to help the hospice in the future.

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