We believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together.

Over the last ten years, you’ve helped tired mums and dads get some much needed me-time; supported brothers and sisters who are feeling angry, lonely or confused; and been there for families during the last moments of their child’s life.

Without you, the families who’ve visited Bluebell Wood over the last ten years just wouldn’t have had the same support. Your donations have paid for every day trip, and funded every session of sensory play. But the life-changing care you’ve helped provide doesn’t stop now.

To do that, £11,000 needs to be raised every day so our doors can stay open, and only around 10% of our funding comes from the government. Everything else is paid for by the wonderful work that you do.

We’re here to help you get involved in whichever way you like. Whether that’s making a donation, raising money by doing something wonderful or giving your time and skills as part of our volunteering team.


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