Key workers’ children at a Rotherham school finished off a challenging year with clouds of colour and smiles all round thanks to a special treat from Bluebell Wood.

Many of the children in the key worker ‘bubble’ at Anston Greenlands Primary have been in school throughout the pandemic, some even through the holidays.

So, in the last week of what’s been a very unusual term, Bluebell Wood gave them a sneak peek of their exciting new Colour Throw event.

The afternoon saw staff cover the children from head to toe in powdered paint as they dashed around a track – and they even had the chance to get their own back!

Alex Wirth, Head Teacher at Anston Greenlands Primary, said: “What a fantastic opportunity.

“Some of our key worker children have been in school without a break throughout lockdown - even coming in over the holidays - so this was such a wonderful way to finish their term. Thank you very much to everyone at Bluebell Wood.”

The charity launched the event, which people can participate in at home, school or work, after cancelling its flagship Colour Dash event where thousands were expected to coast through clouds of colour to raise thousands for Bluebell Wood.

Rather than disappoint all those eager to get messy, Bluebell Wood is instead inviting people to shower family, friends and colleagues in a sea of colour to support local children and families.

Samantha Wood, Head of Fundraising at Bluebell Wood, said: “Our amazing key workers have done an incredible job throughout the pandemic and we know that many of their children have been at school throughout.

“That’s why we wanted to help them go out in style after what’s been a very challenging year for everyone.

“It was wonderful to see the children and teachers having so much fun and such a lovely way to end the school year.

“Whether you’re a school, business or you want to take part in your own garden, our Colour Throw is open to everyone.

“It’s a fantastic way to spread some positivity while helping us support children and families who are going through the toughest of times.”

The charity is asking for voluntary donations to cover the cost of the Colour Throw packs, which will include four packs of the same multi-coloured environmentally-friendly powder used in the Colour Dash.

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