Business owner and energy consultant Linda Spencer of Professional Energy Purchasing (PEP) has been part of the 365 Business Club for  over 3 years.

Linda who set up the local award-winning independent energy consultancy 8 years ago commented: “I’ve known about the great work that Bluebell Wood do for a long time, but we first started working together after Kayleigh from PEP attended a networking event.

“Since then we’ve done a variety of fundraising activities and Kayleigh is hoping to complete a parachute jump soon that will raise over £1,000 for the charity. 

“She has also volunteered six months of her time in the past to source funding grants and has a great relationship with the team. As a company that works with all the major utility companies in the UK to leverage the best prices for gas, electricity, and water, we also work closely with Bluebell Wood to make sure they’re getting the best possible prices for their energy.

“We really like the professional networking events that the team run for the 365 Business Club, but also love being able to support such a great local cause that helps families cope in the most difficult of times.”

Rachael Dawes, Corporate Fundraising Manger at Bluebell Wood, said: “We’d like to thank Linda, Kayleigh and all the brilliant team at Professional Energy Purchasing their continued support, both from a fundraising perspective and for all the expertise they’ve kindly offered over the years.

“Thanks to the support of community-spirited local businesses like PEP we can focus on helping families who are facing the toughest of times make the most of every moment they have together.”

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