A Chesterfield woman has paid tribute to the beloved cousin who was ‘like a sister’ with a kind-hearted gesture to the place she spent her final moments – Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Elliesha Hind passed away at Bluebell Wood in 2013 when she was just 13 years old after a courageous  four-year battle with a rare form of cancer.

Now her cousin Emilie Hackett is supporting Bluebell Wood once again, this time with the help of her  colleagues at DHU Healthcare.

Dental Advisor Emilie and her colleagues kindly donated various items from the charity’s ‘Amazon Wishlist’ in the run-up to Christmas, which will now be enjoyed by children and families who visit the hospice.

Emilie and her family have supported Bluebell Wood ever since they said goodbye to Elliesha, raising thousands of pounds along the way through a glamourous ball, taking part in events and much more.

“Elliesha may have been my cousin but she was always more like a sister to me as we have a very close knit family,” said Emilie, 27, from Chesterfield.

“She was just an amazing person and we all miss her so much. How she dealt with her condition was so inspirational. She was so strong and not phased by it at all – stronger than anyone I know.

“I remember when she wanted her hair dying purple but her mum? wasn’t sure about the idea so Elliesha just said ‘it doesn’t matter as it’ll be falling out soon anyway’ in such a cheerfully flippant way!”

Elliesha’s family initially wanted to spend their final moments at home, but once they discovered Bluebell Wood, they knew it was the right place to say goodbye.

“It was like a home away from home for us and everything you could think of was taken care of. There’s just no words to describe the hospice – it’s an amazing place.

“We just couldn’t have done the things we did and made the memories we made together in a hospital.

"The last precious moments we had with Elliesha were so special thanks to the brilliant team at Bluebell Wood. It was the worst possible time for us, but I couldn’t think of a better place to spend it.”

Rachael Dawes, Individual Giving Manager at Bluebell Wood, said: “It was our privilege to be there for  Elliesha and her family in those final moments and we’d like to thank them for their moving and kind words as well as their ongoing support.

“This latest wonderful gesture will help us to make many more precious memories with families facing unimaginable heartbreak, so we really can’t thank Emilie and her colleagues at DHU Healthcare enough for their generosity.

“Thanks to amazing people like you, we can continue to be a light in the darkness for local children and families who need us.”

There are many ways you can help Bluebell Wood be there for families like Elliesha’s.

From donating items from the charity’s Amazon Wishlist to raising funds or taking on a a Bluebell Wood event, every act of generosity and kindness helps the charity be there for families like Elliesha's.