We'd like to say a big thank you to students from Doncaster College who supported Bluebell Wood at the Doncaster 10K.

The students worked with the hospice's volunteering and fundraising teams to steward at the event.

As well as being a great support to Bluebell Wood, Liv Severn, Work Place Coordinator at Doncaster College, explained just how much the students benefitted from volunteering.

She said: "Before the event the students learnt about what Bluebell Wood does and how much money is required to keep the hospice open. 

"They were shocked by the amount which made them all the more determined to support the hospice.

"We also looked at a number of family stories. The students resonated with one boy, Reece, who sadly passed away but had a lot of hobbies and interests similar to the lads in the group. I think they definitely understand more about charities like Bluebell wood and just how important they are."

"They gained a real sense of accomplishment from helping and giving back to the community. They learnt how to work as a team and improved their confidence and communication skills."

The students are now working on a volunteering campaign to encourage more young people to get involved with volunteering and help raise awareness of Bluebell Wood. 

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