An inspirational ten-year old’s astonishing four-year mission is coming to an end next week as he prepares to shed his flowing locks in memory of his little brother, Bobby.

Freddie Gilberthorpe, from Sheffield, was just seven years old when he read a story about a boy in America who grew his hair and donated it to a charity that makes real wigs. He was so moved by the story, he decided he was going to grow his hair to raise money for the place he and his family said their heartbreaking goodbyes to Bobby – Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

“When he told me he wanted to do it I pointed out that it would take a long time to grow it long enough, but it didn’t put him off,” said proud mum, Kate Gilberthorpe, 45, from Hillsborough.

“In a matter-of-fact way he just said ‘it’ll take a few years’ and he’s been growing it ever since!

“It’s always been his choice and we’re just amazingly proud of him – he’s such a special young man.

“He’s been through so much and I think it’s given him a different perspective on life. He’s a very caring, compassionate, and kind young man.”

His little brother Bobby was just eight and a half weeks old when he died at Bluebell Wood, surrounded by his family. Bobby had a rare form of dwarfism called Thanatophoric Dysplasia, which meant he’d never get to live the full life his family dreamt of.

“The time we spent together as a family at Bluebell Wood was just priceless,” said Kate.

“It felt so surreal – it was like being in a little haven where people were there to look after and support you in every way possible.

“We were able to be with him at the very end and stay with him afterwards, which just wouldn’t have been possible in a hospital.

“For Freddie it was amazing too. He was two-and-a-half at the time so it was very important for us to all be together as a family. The staff kept Freddie and the rest of us entertained with activities and that really helped make it a special place for him filled with happy memories.

“As strange as it sounds we even managed to have fun while we were there. We laughed as much as could to try to keep our spirits up and it almost felt like a holiday. It really is a special place.”

Freddie has already raised over £2,500, which will be split between Bluebell Wood and Blood Cancer UK. His long locks will be donated to the Little Princess Trust to make wigs for poorly children who’ve lost their hair.

Freddie’s Big Chop is taking place on June 21st and you can support his mission here. His mum Kate, dad Scott, little brother Jack and many more will be cheering him on every step on the way.

Isobel Wells, Regional Fundraiser at Bluebell Wood, said: “Freddie is such an inspirational young man and he should be incredibly proud of himself for this this beautiful gesture in memory of his little brother.

“To take up a challenge at such a young age and then see it through for the next four years is a truly remarkable achievement.

“On behalf of everyone at Bluebell Wood – thank you Freddie and the very best of luck.”