A teenager supported by Bluebell Wood has brought a splash of neon art to the hospice.

Tim Haywood, 19, unveiled his Star Wars inspired neon art to family, friends and staff members, who were wowed by his Mandalorian, Death Star, Star Destroyer and Millennium Falcon spaceship designs.

Tim created the artwork alongside North Anston artist James Brunt, who specialises in ephemeral art. 

The creative pair met through James' forestry school and have spent hours creating art outside using leaves, stones and other natural materials.

However, the November weather gave them chance to work on a new project together, this time using neon fabric tape.

Tim organised the exhibition as part of his education, health and care plan (EHCP) with the help of Bluebell Wood's Family Support Coordinator, Sherry Leigh. 

He said: "Having an EHCP has given me the opportunity to learn in a manageable and personalised way when my medical condition would previously have stopped me. 

"Art has allowed me to express myself in a way no other subjects have." 

Family Support Coordinator, Sherry Leigh, said: "It's been an absolute joy to support Tim's art project. 

"Watching Tim thrive through art has been so rewarding and everyone at Bluebell Wood is proud of him.

"We can't wait to see what Tim and James do next!"