A Bluebell Wood volunteer is giving back in memory of his niece. 

James Hagyard and his wife, Claire, said goodbye to their beautiful niece, Ivy-Rose, who passed away at Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice in 2017. 

At the hospice Ivy-Rose got to experience her very own Christmas day in the middle of May and a trip to the beach, with the care team helping to create a sandy area for her to enjoy. 

These were just some of the magical memories Ivy-Rose and mum and dad, Fiona and Chris, were able to treasure before saying goodbye. 

James and Claire saw how much it meant to Fiona, Chris and the wider family and since then, they've been determined to give back. 

"Volunteering for Bluebell Wood means so much to me because of Ivy-Rose," James said.

"I think hospices are still stigmatised; people think they are just about end-of-life care, but they do so much more than that. 

"I spent time with Ivy-Rose and Fiona at Bluebell Wood, and it is such a magical place. We spent time in the garden, which is like Teletubby Land! There were so many fun things for Ivy-Rose's sister, Louisa, to do.

"It was a worrying time for the whole family, but it was a comfort to know that Chris and Fiona had amazing support behind them.

"If I could take my friends and family round Bluebell Wood just to show them how magical it is, I would!"

James and Claire got stuck into helping out on the bag-drop at the Doncaster City 10K, proudly wearing their Bluebell Wood t-shirts and helping runners to drop off and collect their items. 

Despite being hard work and hectic, James and Claire thoroughly enjoyed it.

James, who has volunteered for the Scouts for the past 15 years, said: "Volunteering gets us out the house and it's fun. You have a real sense of achievement and purpose knowing you're making a difference to the hospice. 

"Bluebell Wood and hospices nationally need support - they are such important places."