Looking after a child with complex needs can be a lot for each family member to handle. There’s no way of knowing how your children might react when their brother or sister is poorly.

Our Sibling Team provides one-to-one and group support if and when your child needs it. This can mean coming to see them at home or at school.

Siblings also meet for workshops which can help your child understand what is happening and learn to cope with it. These workshops involve lots of different activities like creating worry dolls while giving children a space to talk to each other and be with other children of their own age who are going through the same experience.

“My Worry Doll helps me get rid of my worries. I like sibling workshops because I make new friends, it's fun to do and you get to use the things we make as stuff to help.

We understand that every child is unique though and our experienced Sibling Co-ordinator will work with your child to support them in the way they need.

To find out more about our sibling support services, call 01909 517 369, or email [email protected]