Music can help people express feelings that can't be put into words. It can be exciting or calming, joyful or poignant, can stir memories and powerfully resonate with our feelings, helping us to express them and to communicate with others.

Music therapy draws upon the innate qualities of music to support people of all ages and abilities and at all stages of life; from helping newborn babies to bond with their parents, to offering sensitive and compassionate palliative care at the end of life.

One of the most important parts of music therapy is the therapeutic relationship that's developed through interacting with music, between our Music Therapists and your child. 

Sessions might use a range of musical styles or instruments (including the voice). The music is often improvised, but sessions could also involve pre-composed music, song writing or recording, or verbal reflection. There are no wrong notes in music therapy!

Our flexible approach can help your child create their own musical language to explore and connect with the world, and help them express themselves.

Music therapy at Bluebell Wood is available to everyone who uses our services. We work      with children and young people, their siblings, and parents and wider family members, both in 1:1 sessions and in groups.

Our Music Therapist can offer one-off sessions during a respite stay, as well as longer term therapy for children and adults who might need ongoing support.

For more information contact our Care Team on 01909 517 369.