At Bluebell Wood, we support young adults up to the age of 25, helping you and them through the transition from children’s to adult services.

Children who come to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice can attend our Young Adults Group from the age of 14, so they can be around people of a similar age and enjoy lots of new and exciting activities together.

When your child reaches 18, they will begin the move from children’s hospitals to adult hospitals. This means changing consultants and a nursing team that they might be friends with and at the same time leaving school, finding colleges and sometimes looking for their own accommodation.

This can be a lot to deal with, so our Care Team are on hand to help with any concerns you might have, and offer you and your child advice and support, both at home and in the hospice.

We’re also here to be a friendly face, so your child always has someone to talk to when they need us most. Whether they fancy a pizza night-in, shaking up some mocktails in a masterclass, or even if they just want some quality time on the Xbox, this is all possible at Bluebell Wood, and we’re here to support you and your child however we can.

Your child can also get support for services including education, housing, and health and social care organisations. We’re here to help them to become as independent as possible.

For more information about the support we offer young adults, please contact our Care Team on 01909 517 369.