Respite and short breaks

At Bluebell Wood, we sometimes refer to the time families spend in the hospice as ‘respite’ or ‘short breaks.’ These stays can vary from a night, a week, or longer, depending on what works best for you and your family. Read more

Family and sibling support

Our Sibling Team provides one-to-one and group support if and when your child needs it. This can mean coming to see them at home or at school. Read more

Support for young adults

We provide care for young adults up to the age of 25, supporting them and their families through the transition from children’s to adult services. Read more

End of life care

Losing a child is the hardest thing anyone will ever have to face, but when you’re at Bluebell Wood you won’t have to do it alone. We’re here to make sure that the end of your child’s life is as comfortable as possible. Read more

Bereavement support

The thought of your child dying before you is unimaginable but our free counselling sessions can give you the chance to talk to someone in a comfortable environment about your thoughts and feelings. We offer counselling to everyone in your family. This can be while your child is being supported, or after a bereavement. Read more